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The hIOTron IoT Development kit offers you a complete yet flexible package that includes:

hiotron iot solution

Hi-Node: The process of deriving operational intelligence starts with the acquisition of data from real world sensors. Therefore, Hi-Node provides standard interface offers not only remote monitoring but also control capability for managing the many types of devices.

Hi-Node is a battery (2700 mAh Li-ion) or USB [Optional] powered wireless node which comes with 4 output channels to control real world devices using 4 relays (Output 5A 230VAC) with 4 connectors and 4 universal (Analog/Digital) input channels to communicate with real world sensors and transmit this information to IoT gateway using wireless (Zig-bee & BLE4.0) protocols.

Key Features Of Hi-Node

  • 8 Universal Channels for Data Acquisition & Control

  • On-Board Wired-Wireless Connectivity

  • Advance Edge Analytics & Local Storage

  • Fully Modular Design

  • Web-Based UI Interface

hiotron iot solution

Hi-Gate:Hi-Gate is the brain of this kit which is fully Modular & Enterprise IoT gateway and doesn’t only translates the protocol [RF/Non RF –To– REST/MQTT] but with TI MODCC3200at its heart, it also offers better computational power to run advance IoT project algorithms & communication due to availability of multiple on board Inbound & Outbound Connectivity protocols such as  Inbound Connectivity Protocols: Zig-Bee, BLE 4.0, SUB-1* & Outbound Connectivity Protocols: (Wi-Fi) 802.11 B/G/N Radio, GSM/GPRS (2G) [Provision available for 3G & 4G modules].

Key Features of Hi-Gate

  • Easy Configuration through Web based Platform

  • Dual Mode of Operation as a Node or Gateway

  • Support Up-to 25 Wireless Hi-Nodes

  • Auto Re-connect for Wi-Fi & Cellular (Both).

  • Best for Any Industry standard sensors (4/20MA) & Actuators.

hiotron iot solution

hIOTron IOT Platform: Free access of hIOTron IoT platform which enables the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of enterprise IoT applications. Not only these, it also supports 5 Major D’s for smooth deployment of any enterprise iot project.

  • Device Management – Manage your IoT device securely with authentication & authorization process.

  • Device Connectivity – Seamless connectivity from Platform-to-Gateway & Gateway-to-Sensor Nodes.

  • Data Storage – Store device & user data to get best valued results.

  • Data Analytics – Use advance data analytical models to visualize sensors data & instruct your devices how to behave at anomaly detection using rules.

  • Dashboard & Mobile Application – Build custom project specific mobile application & Dashboard for your clients.

hiotron iot solution

Dashboard & Mobile App: Fully customizable, project specific user Dashboard & mobile application for accessing of Hi-Gate & Hi-nodes locally & remotely through hIOTron IoT platform.

Who should use this?

Our hIOTron IoT Development kit perfectly addresses individual makers inspired to build innovative connected projects at home as well as small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs who want to quickly prototype an IoT platform and then ramp up for volume production.

If you’re a maker, an IoT developer or even a company looking to build a revolutionary IoT project, hIOTron IOT Development kit is the ideal solution for you.

The possibilities are endless – and we can’t wait to see how you use hIOTron IOT Development kit in your next project! Few examples of applications where this kit could be deployed include smart Home or Hotel Automation, smart Gardening or Agriculture,  Energy & Power management, smart cities, smart health, Logistic & supply chain etc.

iot Development Kit

Build an IOT Project with hIOTron IOT Development Kit in just 3 simple steps


Why choose hIOTron IOT Development Kit?

Many of those looking to explore the IoT and embedded computing markets face a hard but honest question: where do I start?

Making sense of the many boards and accessories, hardware and software interfaces, connectivity standards and APIs has been described as one of the biggest problems that the everyone facing today.

The hIOTron IOT Development kit, a first 5 IOT kit as a complete iot solution in the world which includes not only the hardware building blocks needed to quickly prototype a wireless IoT system from scratch but most importantly the open source software frameworks, the network stacks and the cloud connectivity capabilities required to securely connect and authenticate devices to the cloud.

Also, this kit will let you analyze & understand your or client’s application requirement practically at every level of communication such as

  • Number of Input & Output channels required for Sensors & Actuators

  • Right selection of wireless (local) connectivity protocol based on range of communication.

  • Battery life or recharging period based on frequency of usage.

  • Minimum time required for basic wireless node configuration, setup & switching from one gateway to other locally or remotely.

  • Right business logics with actual feasibility using multiple Rules & Conditions in case of offline mode.

  • Right Selection of device network connection (Wi-Fi or GSM/GPRS) based on network reliability & see its time to connect to the internet.

  • Understand better communication architecture in terms of device connectivity (Authentication & Authorization), device management, integration process through the IoT platform.

  • Test how to get device updates remotely.

  • Manageability of multiple nodes under single Gateway through the IoT Platform.

  • Identify the level of security and cost involved for Device-To-Cloud connectivity with the help of open API’s.

  • See how to design & develop custom UI based mobile application & dashboard for multiple clients for any IoT application.

  • Understand how to create, manage multiple IoT project/product or solution through same application or dashboard.

  • Learn to apply multiple business rules & conditions for your or client IoT applications.

  • Check how to export device data on [minutes, hourly or weekly] basis.

  • Understand integration of IoT project, product or solution with some 3rd party IoT platform.


Yes, you can use this kit to develop any IOT application which are based on Analog/Digital sensors for monitoring real world data & Actuators for controlling purpose while in case your application requires any specific communication protocols likes Serial,ModBus,CANBus or other enabled to fetch data & control devices then our technical team will customize the kit as per your application requirement before sending.

After POC, Based on your project/product requirement Hi-Gate/Hi-Nodes, Mobile Application/Dashboard will be fully customized and redesigned quickly to achieve low cost, size and other important product level parameters. To understand future development plan refer below table.

Investment$235Time BasedProduct Based
Time Less than Week3-4 Weeks3-4 Weeks
Completion to Accuracy Ratio10:510:810:10
Hardware DevicesGeneric CustomCustom
Mobile App & DashboardGeneric CustomCustom
Platform AccessFreeFree Free or Paid [Optional]

No, you don’t need to write even a single line of code for running any of your IOT project. Yes, with the help of hIOTron IOT Device Management Platform [HIDMP] you can easily configure, customize and simulate any of your IOT project quickly along with free access of Live Dashboard & Mobile application for Android & iOS platform.

Yes, you can connect to Internet via Wi-Fi & GPRS 2G,3G,4G (optional) but only one at a time

Hi-gate supports 3 major wireless communication protocols such as Zig-Bee, BLE 4.0 and Sub-1 as an inbound which can easily be configured with Hi-Nodes having the same respective protocols through hIOTron IOT Platform.

Up-to 25 Hi-Nodes can be connected under single Hi-Gate. In case of increasing the numbers please contact our technical team here.

Yes, you can interchange any Nodes to any Gateways very easily through platform.

hIOTron IOT Development kit will let you develop any iot application in a very simple manner whereas you can also engage hIOTron team to develop your complete application here.

As long as you will be running POC, no charges will be applicable for cloud or mobile application whereas for commercial application we have flexible pricing model.

Once you complete building your project through platform then you will be get the link from where you can download your project specific mobile application

Yes, you can integrate hIOTron POC kit to 3rd party IOT platform along with hIOTron team assistance.

Yes, you can customize your IOT project anytime, anywhere through platform and view the same changes in either on your dashboard or mobile application

You can develop unlimited POC’s with this IOT development kit. Only you need to have your project specific sensors & actuators with you.

Yes, this kit can be customized for such requirements or more which may includes some additional charges. Kindly contact us here to provide  complete product details.

Development of IoT Product or Solution was never easy & faster like this before. Read our clients success stories to know the reason why.

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