This is often seen challenging for enterprise software developers to start working on IOT Projects. This is especially when we have lots of confusing information out there. Which leads in result waste of time for a developers. To simplify IOT development, hIOTron has created the End to End IOT Training with live industrial use cases. This training is designed to help you learn how to connect and manage devices, analyze data, and extract insight using industry grade IOT platforms. The Azure IOT Platform will be the center point of training program. The training curriculum will help you become comfortable working with Azure IOT and enable you to start building proof of concept within few hours. In the course you will learn following services from Azure IOT Suite.

  • Azure IOT Hub, Event Hub: configure, monitor and remote device management.
  • Azure Stream Analytics: Configure message routing with other Azure IOT Services.
  • Azure Table Storage, DocumentDB: Store complex data from devices.
  • Azure Power BI: Visualize real-time sensor data, create and publish report.

Azure IOT Hub, Event Hub:

Here we will learn how to setup our devices and send data to Azure IOT Hub. Optionally, connect sensors to our device and read data from them. This exercise will help us learn about how communication happens between device to cloud and from cloud to device using network protocols (HTTPS/MQTT).


Azure IOT Hub

Azure Stream Analytics:

Its an event processing engine which allows us to examine and route high volume of data streaming from IOT Devices. We can also use these data or patterns to trigger other actions such as alerts, data storage, visualizing and reporting tools etc. Azure Stream analytics start with a source of data that is ingested into azure IOT Hub or Event Hub. This all things can be done by creating Stream Analytics Job in Azure IOT Suite.


Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Table Storage

Azure table storage is a service which used to store NoSQL data in cloud. It stores huge amount of structured data. The service is NoSQL data storage which accepts authenticated calls even from outside of Azure Cloud. Also Azure storage is ideal for storing non-relational and structured data. There are sevela use cases will be discussed in training.

Azure Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets us visualize data coming from our  IOT devices. There are three building blocks while intergrating Power BI to IOT or Event Hub. Those are create, collaborate/share and access insight from anaywhere. This data visualization can be easily share, collaborate or embed them with our app or website.


Azure Power BI

In hIOTron’s IOT training, we invite you to explore different IOT Scenarios with Azure IOT Hub and other powerful azure services. We will build some live use cases which gives participants in-depth understanding of internet of things architecture with hands on experience. All hIOTron training use a combination of:

Structured Curriculum: allowing newbie’s or developers to quickly get hands-on with Azure IOT Platform.

Pre-recorded Videos: participants will be provided with live recorded video lessons. To quickly revisit topics even after finishing course.

Hands-on Labs: Building live use cases for example: Home Automation, Energy Management, Smarty City etc.