Become hIOTron®Distributor/OEM Partner for Modular & Enterprise IoT Development kit

From homes and industries to enterprises, Internet of Things have become commonplace in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before.However, this is just the beginning.

Many organizations are just thinking how to start? Choose a path that’s right for you! Being a part of hIOTron is unique opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities, focus only what matters to you and to reach to a new customer even with more confidence. Therefore, to ensure  the same hIOTron brought to you a awesome opportunity to become its distribution partner for one of its finest & IoT solution providers 1st choice Modular & Enterprise IoT development kit.

What Does Modular IoT Development Kit Include?

Modular & Enterprise IoT Development kit is fully pre-programmed prototyping kit for quickly prototyping and testing your IoT concept. All modules are plug n play, allowing for flexible prototyping, customization and production.
Standard Kit Includes
  1. 2x Analog & Digital Sensors
  2. 1x Hi-Gate (An Enterprise IoT Gateway with BLE4.0, ZigBee Modules for Inbound & Wi-Fi, 3G Modem outbound connectivity)
  3. 1x 8 Channels Hi-Node (A wireless fully Modular Node equipped with Zig-Bee for inbound connectivity consist of power (Battery or USB powered), controlling & sensing units)
  4. 2 x USB cables
  5. 3 x separate F2F connectors
  6. 1 x User Manual
  7. Lifetime free access of hIOTron IoT platform for PoC use + Application specific Mobile or Dashboard access.

Top 5 Reasons which makes this kit unique than other IoT development kits.

  1. Build unlimited IoT POCs (Proof of Concept) at an affordable price & demonstrate confidently to key stakeholders or clients in minimum time.
  2. Fully Industrial grade certified modular hardware (Gateway, Sensor Nodes) with IoT™ Platform including application ready custom user App & Dashboard.
  3. Real-time data insights with few simple clicks for driving quick business decisions and justify your IoT investment with minimal entry investment.
  4. Experience advantages of hIOTron Industrial IoT™ platform for real industrial deployments.
  5. Focus your development efforts on what really matters: your core value proposition.

Who will buy this kit & what applications one can develop?

This kit perfectly addresses individual makers inspired to build innovative connected projects at home as well as small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs who want to quickly prototype an IoT platform and then ramp up for volume production.

If you’re a maker, an IoT developer or even a company looking to build a revolutionary IoT project/product or solution, then this kit is the ideal solution for you.

The possibilities are endless – and we can’t wait to see how you use hIOTron IOT Development kit in your next project! Few examples of applications where this kit could be deployed include

How to get started with this kit?

Getting Started with this kit very easy & simple in just 3 steps:

Process of IOT kit
User Manual
Kit Brochure
hIOTron IOT Platform
Hardware Specs
Kit Demo