Custom IoT Solution at affordable price!

Now, there is no need to build everything from scratch for your End-To-End IOT project.

Yes, it true because Hi-Gate & Hi-Nodes are fully customisable IOT devices which can be used to scale-up any of your IOT project from POC-to-Production with shortest possible time in a cost effective way through hIOTron IOT Device Management Platform [HIDMP].


End-To-End IOT

“Solutions into Actions”

Consider any IOT application that may be from Manufacturing, Automobiles, Energy, Transportation, Smart city, Agriculture, Health, Home or Industry. these devices can be used for any of these use case or cover almost 80% IOT applications because of availability of multiple onboard wireless/wired Inbound & Outbound communication protocols along with the customizable mobile Application/Dashboard frameworks.

How to use it 

By keeping Devices Connectivity, Integration, Management, Configuration, Authentication & Authorization as a major IOT concern hIOTron is offering an IOT platform [HIDMP] through which these devices can used into an actions along with customizable mobile Application/Dashboard frameworks for enabling any End-To-End IOT solution in just 3 simple steps.  “Configure | Customize | Simulate”

Device Configuration
IoT Solution

Step1- Configure: Under Configuration Step, Gateway & Sensor Nodes can be registered, configured and protocol switching done with single click of button.

Step2- Customise: Under Customisation Step Enable/Disable end node Input/Out (4, 8 or 12) channels depending on the requirement for Sensors/Actuators connectivity. On other hand, customise readymade mobile app framework according to required application such sensors/actuators rename, set rules, notifications, actions and various other task.

Step3- Simulate: Under Simulation step review the entire project from Devices to Application and modify anything if required else view the project on the dashboard or download project specific mobile application through play-store.

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