Hiotron’s DTMS Solution

hIOTron’s Distribution Transformer Monitoring System (DTMS) redefining the capabilities and benefit to “Power Distribution Companies and Transformer manufacturers” that can be achieved by Monitoring Distributed Power Transformer Network.

Distribution transformer monitoring system

In the era of rapid industrialization and fast changing industrial working environment, automation, big data analytics and internet of things playing a critical role. Planning downtime and physically monitoring various parameters of transformer, now seems to primitive age work for power distribution companies. Monitoring various common parameters from comfort of IT cell/ office become new norms.

Power & Distribution transformers are the main backbone for any power distribution network. Automation of distribution substations improves visibility of the low voltage (LV) network and helps a utility company to utilize the power network in an optimum way. Many utility companies around the world are implementing, or have plans to implement, a smart metering solution. The first step of distribution transformer system is monitoring distribution transformers and, due to the importance of this asset, monitoring of critical parameters is essential.

hIOTron’s Distribution transformer monitoring system playing critical role in empowering distribution companies and transformer manufactures with handy and real time information about various common as well as advance level parameters which enable them to define life and performance of the unit. The compact DTMS solution along with high industrial grade sensor gives client the real-time and accurate info.

hIOTron’s distribution transformer monitoring system bringing revolution in transformer monitoring

It doesn’t only monitor the common essential parameter like :

  1. Alert for ambient temperature
  2. humidity level
  3. Winding resistance
  4. Phase voltage for each phase
  5. Line to line voltage
  6. Phase current for each phase
  7. Neutral line current
  8. Alert/ alarm on transformer phase failure.
Hi-Gate chip

Instead it goes beyond and monitor some advance parameters like:

  1. Detection of hotspots in DT core
  2. Total reactive power (KVAR)
  3. Magnetization Curve (B-H Curve)
  4. Detection of insects in DT

hiotron’s IoT platform enriched with smart visualization

Apart from device capability which is empowered with Edge analytics (that can take action locally based on condition) can transfer these parameter wireless to cloud, hiotron’s IoT platform add more capabilities to solution like :

  1. Geographical location of transformer
  2. Real time parameters via tabular and trend graphs
  3. Anomaly detection
  4. Reports via email at set times
  5. Loss calculations
  6. Energy parameters via tables and trends  graphs
hIOTron IoT platform

There is no secret that the hiotron’s complete distribution transformer monitoring system can bring a lot of benefits for utility companies and transformer  manufactures, including the capacity to:

  1. Recognize when transformers are on the brink of collapse (overloaded) and take performance related actions. Often utility  may loose a transformer because of lack of information around how the transformer is running.
  2. Improve visibility of the low voltage power network and help utility companies to deliver high quality electricity to consumers. The system provides real time information about voltage, power factor, current, harmonics and unbalance from LV network, and based on this information, utility companies can utilize specific remedies to solve the problems as they occur.
  3. Decrease Outage duration, if one transformer collapses, it is normally replaced with-in a period of 12-24 hrs. However, automation can recognize transformer or outgoing LV feeder outages or problems and sends an outage signal to the central  system. With information that is provided by this system the utility company can recognize an overloaded transformer and can prevent it from collapsing.
  4. Utilize the useful information from the distribution transformer monitoring system and make decisions about distribution network planning such as critical points in the network that need to be extended or upgraded.For example, this system is able to identify if transformers are working with more than 75-80 % of their capacity, providing the utility company with a clear view of which parts of the power network need extension.
  5. Access useful transformer monitoring information for assets management and preventive maintenance.
  6. Send a central system command to intelligent electronic devices (IED) in the distribution substation, such as the streetlight etc.

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Industry Testimonials

“It is clear that the power and capability of the hIOTron IoT platform & suite of application solutions is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest scale enterprise systems in commercial and government applications. hIOTron is a technological tour de force.”

Waleed Swati, Project Manager, CubeXS Weatherly (Pvt) Ltd.
"hIOTron has demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly design, provision, and deploy scalable & enterprise IoT solution with edge analytics and machine learning capability into highly-functional and beneficial enterprise applications.”
Mr. Umesh Raghav, Managing Director , ATPN (Mumbai)

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