Analyze Data on edge not on cloud for IoT system

Nowadays for almost every Industry/Client, buying an IoT Hardware or solution is not a challenge, to maintain them (Operation & Maintenance) is a big challenge/risk which directly involves monthly or yearly rental cost.

But truth is this cost cannot be ignored completely because every device need to talk to cloud & will be having operational cost (Data Streaming/Bandwidth + Storage + Maintenance) whereas it can be lowered down. But How?

iot edge analytics

Exactly, this cost can be lowered down by processing the data right where it originates at the edge (edge can be gateway or wireless sensor node or both) instead of sending it to the cloud.

According to Gartner, currently around 10 percent of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2022, the market research and consulting firm predicts this figure will reach 50 percent.

Check below some advantages of processing IoT data at the edge over cloud:

Conclusion: As indicated above, Edge analytics has become the de facto industry practice and the main drivers dwindling data storage capabilities, reducing network bandwidth, cost and traffic and share a spike in computing power. That’s why, leading IoT solution vendors filtering and processing data at the edge not on cloud.