Modular & Enterprise IOT Development Kit

For the past month we, hIOTron are sharing details of  Modular & Enterprise IoT development kit.

Today this “Modular Kit” has officially launched in the form of a Kickstarter campaign.

So what exactly is we have made? It’s a kit, called the Modular & Enterprise IoT development kit, targeting developers wanting to build Internet of Things devices. This kit is one stop IoT solution for all, which includes not only an industry standard hardware building blocks needed to quickly prototype a wireless IoT system from scratch but most importantly the software frameworks, the network stacks and the cloud connectivity capabilities required to securely connect and authenticate devices to the cloud.

With this kit, developers will be able to develop their IoT prototype in weeks than months & convert that into product in months than years and again, it will always be a good idea to do POC (Proof of Concept) before committing a large-scale, enterprise IoT solutions. Therefore, this Modular & Enterprise IoT kit will allow you to do following such as:

  1. Experience a fully functional solution running in actual environment with your team.
  2. Quickly implement end-to-end complete IoT solution using UI based codeless enterprise IoT platform & production ready industrial-grade hardware.
  3. Learn how to use hIOTron IoT platform to visualize, manage your sensor data.
  4. Real time data insights that can drive quicker business decisions.
  5. Justify your IoT investment with minimal entry investment.

Lets see what all this kit include?

This kit includes everything which you want to build successful IoT project such as

1.Hi-Node –

[From Data Acquisition, Edge Analytics and Control to IoT Gateway] Hi-Node is a battery (2700 mAh Li-ion) or USB [Optional] powered wireless node comes with 4 output channels to control real world devices using 4 relays (Output 5A 230VAC) with 4 connectors and 4 universal (Analog/Digital) input channels to communicate with real world sensors and transmit this information to IoT gateway using wireless (Zig-bee & BLE4.0) protocols.

Key features:

  • Data Acquisition/Control
  • Wired/Wireless connectivity
  • Edge Analytics
  • Modular Design
  • Web based UI interface

2.Hi-Gate [From Data Collection to Cloud Integration]

Hi-Gate is the brain of this kit which is fully Modular & Enterprise IoT gateway which not only translates the protocol [RF/Non RF –To– REST/MQTT] but with TI CC3200 at its heart, it also offers better computational power to run advance IoT project algorithms & communication due to availability of multiple on board Inbound & Outbound Connectivity protocols such as

  • Inbound Connectivity Protocols: Zig-Bee, BLE 4.0, SUB-1* Outbound
  • Connectivity Protocols: (Wi-Fi) 802.11 B/G/N Radio, GSM/GPRS (2G)

Top 5 IoT Features of Hi-Gate:

  • It can be easily configured & managed via hIOTron IoT Platform locally/remotely.
  • It has dual Mode of operation as a Node or Gateway (both).
  • Supports multiple wireless nodes means up-to 25 Hi-nodes (25×8=200 channels or devices) can be connected under single Hi-Gate (gateway).
  • It reconnects automatically to the internet in case of loss of internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or GPRS for any remote application.
  • Last but not least it is suitable for any kind of IoT application which are purely sensor & actuator based.

3.Life-time Free access of hIOTron IoT Platform [From Data Storage to Data Analytics, Dashboard & Mobile App enablement and more]

hIOTron IoT Platform is an IoT integration hub which is fully code-less & enterprise IoT platform designed to help you to build project for any IoT application.

Also, hIOTron platform supports 5 major D’s such as better

  • Device Management
  • Device Connectivity
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboard & Application enablement

How to build an IoT Project with this Kit?

Building an IoT project with this kit is very very easy. Let’s see how:

With 3 simple steps on hIOTron IoT platform, any IoT project can be developed right from scratch to production with full proof deployment strategy.

  1. Create – Under this step, you can create your IoT project & select the device which you want to use for it.
  2. Customize – Here, you can customize the device as per your project requirements.
  3. Simulate – After customization, you can simulate everything before finalization to view your project on Dashboard or Mobile app.

What is unique thing about this kit?

As you can see, this kit serves every major & important features of IoT at every communication level right from bottom to top (Hardware to cloud to frontend)  but among all Machine Learning on the Edge Device is an ultimate & out of the box feature which makes this development kit unique from everyone available in the market.

Whats that?

Well, Machine Learning on the Edge device will let your sensor node (Hi-Node) to take care of your sensors data in case of anomalies and take some relevant actions such as control, Alerts, wake up other sensor node and more.

How does that work?

It simply works through rules which you can define for any condition or threshold for each & every pin of sensor node (Hi-Node) under hIOTron IoT platform.

Rules Image

To understand this, Let’s take a simple home automation example where you can to set the rule for condition such as

If Anyone enters in the room

Then Light should automatically turn on for some time (User defined) interval. Send Alerts/Notifications (SMS, Mail, Push Notifications) in the time interval (User defined). And more

Else Light should turn off

Similarly, multiple rules can be defined for multiple conditions which can be customised from anywhere, anytime.