Hi-Gate 4.0 Details

What is Hi-Gate?

Hi-Gate is an Industrial IoT Gateway with modular provision for inbound connectivity protocols (Any one at a time) such as zig-bee, BLE4.0, LoRa, Sub-1, Z-wave & outbound connectivity protocols such as Wi-Fi, GSM modem (2G/3G/4G) & Ethernet. From edge computing to future migration Hi-Gate takes care of every individual local RF node connected in LoRa, Zig-bee or any other network and routes their filtered data from RF network to IP network via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GSM (2G/3G/4G).

What is new in Hi-Gate Version-4?

Following are the features added in Hi-Gate version-4 which were not supported in version-3.

  1. Supports FOTA (Firmware over the air).
  2. Supports & Maintain firmware for local wireless connected node.
  3. Allows Inter node communication.
  4. Node auto-discovery or detects node offline/online real time status.
  5. Highly Advance anomaly detection & machines learning features.
  6. Added Ethernet option instead just having Wi-Fi & GSM (2G/3G/4G) modem.
  7. Increase node (each having 8 channels/GPIO) handling capacity from 25 to 40 on a zig-bee network with same response time.
  8. Interact with Mobile app & Dashboard directly over Wi-Fi in case of unavailability internet connection locally.
  9. Network switching based priority & availability for Wi-Fi & GSM.
  10. Provision for creating rules even using Gateway as Node.

Who Should buy Hi-Gate & What all applications can be developed using this ?

Hi-Gate perfectly addresses individual makers inspired to build innovative connected projects at home as well as small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs who want to quickly prototype an IoT platform and then ramp up for volume production.

If you’re a maker, an IoT developer or even a company looking to build a revolutionary IoT project/product or solution, then Hi-Gate is the ideal solution for you.

The possibilities are endless – and we can’t wait to see how you use hIOTron Hi-Gate in your next project! Few examples of applications where this kit could be deployed include

How to get started with Hi-Gate?

Getting started with Hi-Gate is very simple & easy in just 3 steps 

Start Building