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hIOTron IoT Training Reviews

hIoTron IoT Training is the best practical training, very well organised structure of the course and experienced trainer makes it different from others. The focus of the training i.e. only IoT is taught with dedication to only practicals and a bit of theory that is necessary. The training is a complete package of IoT practical+theory in proper duration.

Praful Gurav
Software Engineer

I opted for 60 hours End-To-End IOT training conducted by hIOTron and seriously it was very helpful for me to understand every aspect of IoT from basic to end to end.

I am from Pakistan and i had done a lot of research for best IoT Training provider worldwide and  important thing is that i choose hIOTron IOT training because it is different than any other IOT training available in the market.

You will learn everything right from sensor interfacing to app development and more hands-on practice on major IOT use cases are the key factor in this training.

I wish best luck to hIOTron team.

Waleed Swati
Automation System Manager
Atlas Steel & Engineering Co.
Karachi, Pakistan

I am strongly satisfied with hIOTron 60 Hours End-To-End IOT training . Every session was very interactive and trainer was also very eager to solve each and every query asked.

I found hIOTron’s team very humble which is think very rare experience especially with Training institutes. On the request hIOTron has also provided additional session on RFID and Thingworx.

All the documents and software were received with well systematic manner.

Nishad Kapadia
Associate Technical Lead

It was great learning experience with hIOTron for getting right perspective of Internet of things. It will foster you understanding about entire eco-system and will help you to get ninja perspective. One thing i would like to recommend is ” hIOTron is very passionate about others learning”..

Kaustubh Nilegaonkar
Associate Consultant

Its an excellent course to get to know about the overview of IOT eco system with good hands-on. The course is designed in a very nice way so that we can follow easily. With this, we can take it forward and learn according to our interest. Hitesh & Umesh are good professionals and they have good patience to sit with you and help you to complete the hands-on.
Systematically provided Training documentations
All the best to Hiotron.

Sandeep Mane
MEP Engineer
Unicorn M.E.P consultants Pvt Ltd

I have completed End-to-End 60 Hours complete IOT Training and i am strongly satisfied with it. Trainer was very interactive to solve queries, Appreciate the efforts of the trainer to deliver the entire module and manage the learning requirements of all the trainees.

Hiotron is doing great, it is one of the best training provider.
Keep up the great work.

Satish Prasad
Deputy Manager
Vodafone Shared Services India

hIOTron is one of the pioneer institute who are teaching the IOT with proper case studies. More practical and less theory. All the case studies are practical in nature which can be applied in industry.

hIOTron provide Well organized training software & documents and my all the queries has been answered and solved by trainer.

I wish best luck to grow more with Industry 4.0

Manoj Sawant
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
MAN Trucks India Pvt Ltd

hIOTron is very good for IoT training,they are responsive and offer comprehensive materials,software and hardware kit promptly.
Keep up the good work.

Vivekananth Padmanabhan
Senior Lecturer-ICT
ISBAT University,Kampala

It was really nice experience. Sessions gave me a head start for many things.
Really thanks a lot for being so humble.

Manish Raghuwanshi
Software Developer

I was a non IT professional, but after the training I got a feel of Internet of Things. Mr Hitesh had the patience to teach me the basics and take me along with the other team members who were well trained in electronics. I will recommend this program highly as it gives theory and hands on practical at a very very competitive prices.

Dr. Vasant Khisty
Sammy Consultion

The training was good. We got insights on what IOT is. The hands-on training session helped us to understand it from practical aspects as well. Hitesh has deep knowledge in IOT and related technologies. They made me understand in the user-friendly language the electronics concepts as I am not that well-versed with it.

Amod Deshpande
Service Delivery Manager
Clarion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I am Sr. EAI Consultant and was very much confused between EAI Vs. IOT.

Before, I was believing that IOT is nothing but advanced EAI/ESB which includes device communication and I was not even able to find myself comfortable in learning and understanding IOT at all because there are so much confusing information available on internet on IOT and nowadays major IT companies are becoming crazy to win biggest IoT war by 2020 and have IOT in their roadmap with smart products.

There are lots of IOT products and trainings available online but when I went through the HITRON website and their well-organized course content then i realized that this is the perfect way to starts with. I just enrolled myself for 2 days (12 hrs.) course with so many doubts at the back and front of my mind. Now when I have completed the 12 hrs journey, I am not even able to believe that I am finding myself so much confident about how and what needs to be done next. During these 2 days I really learned everything from inside which I wanted all the way from basic concepts of electronics (I am not at all from electronics background) to device communication, gateway to cloud communication, cloud to front end communications etc.

It is the true art and skills and expertise to teach in a way that I could understand and learned very easily about so many aspects of IOT. I really appreciate and would certainly like to recommend HITRON way of teaching and experiencing the IOT way to all developers and IT professionals who are actively looking for transforming themselves for next exciting future of technologies.

Vishal Shah
Section Manager

For last few months I have been searching regarding IoT on Internet but was unable to find any practical details. At hIOTron, I got all guidance in context to implement different IoT practical scenarios practically. hIOTron is really having deep knowledge as well as attitude to impart the same to others, and always ready to satisfy queries. I am really satisfied with this IoT Training program.

Poonam Gupta
Head & Assistant Prof.
G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering

hIOTron is the best for starting your IOT journey. They give a good training with practical hand-on by down-to-earth passionate young engineers. I really appreciate there vision and knowledge in IOT sector which will shape the future in a better and a convenient way in our everyday lifestyle. I hope and wish the success of their goals and vision for the future.

Paul Lalthuamsanga
Associate Solution Architect

hIOTron has done a wonderful work in IoT platform. I personally know Hitesh Sir and he has a profound knowledge in the IoT field and he has helped me a lot in understanding the basic concepts it. Overall, hIOTron is conducting a wonderful work in the IoT platform which will help in building the smart devices in the future and will be very helpful to the entire mankind.

Mihir Khandhar
Senior Software Developer

Hitesh has deep knowledge of IOT. He is technically very sound, he has very good understanding of the IOT business landscape. I enjoyed working and learning from hIOTron

Arunkumar Nair
Practice Head - Bigdata and Analytics
E-zest Solutions

To get into IoT this training is indeed required. This training is like a gateway to IoT, start with this and you will sail through. They are very cooperative and always answered the questions asked with patience and with their expertise. Wish Hitesh and his team good luck.

Indranil Acharyya
Software Designer

Effective with focus on practicals,Understood whole life cycle of IOT at high level.The 2-days-Hands-On Training is targeted for initial understanding of underline infrastructure, there is good scope to add commercial angle and commercial IOT use cases.

Rahul Hole
Software Development Lead
Emerson Innovation Center

Highly impressed by the depth of technical knowledge on IOT hardware of the team and especially Hitesh. Always ready discuss any topic/query at length and ensure that it is addressed to satisfaction. Wish Hitesh and team all the success in this field.

Shitalkumar P Panse
Vice President - Voice Engineering
TATA Communications Ltd