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Yes, you can switch to any network by simply going Device > Connection mode > select network (Wi-Fi/Ethernet/GPRS).

Yes, you can use switches as a dimmer by simply going in every switch setting and select to use as dimmer.

Yes, you can switch any node from one HuB to another HuB by simply click to node setting which you want to switch. Node Setting > Switch Node > Select HuB

You can simply see dark black dot once your node become online else you light black dot. For further support please contact to [email protected]

Your node might not be configured with HuB properly. If so then you will see yellow flag on node under HuB in device. If you see same then click to yellow flag to configure the node. [Please make node should have to be online to this setting]

No, you can max use Automation feature in the app where you can multiple create scenes and routine based time or events to automate your home.