Industry 4.0 and iot

How Industry 4.0 and IoT are connected

Industry4.0 encourages the development of so called Smart Factory. In the smart factories, we monitor physical processes, create virtual copy of physical devices and make decentralized decisions. Using Internet of things, physical systems communicate with each other also with humans in real-time both internally and across organizational services. This means the Internet of things and internet of systems make Industry4.0 possible and smart factory as a today’s reality. The subset of Internet of things called “IIoT” i.e. Industrial IOT, aimed at industrial applications. IIoT is dedicated to improve the industry using sensors, actuators and smart objects. Using IIoT we can connect machines to other machines/data management which plays important role for better optimization and productivity which also lays foundation for Smart factory.

We can say Industry4.0 uses internet of things in order to perform digital manufacturing. All devices, robots and tools have sensors which generate data. And data driven approach for manufacturing leads to an efficient production, seamless supply chain. The data generated from IOT devices (networked information and it’s sharing) will help address long standard manufacturing problems.

Challenges of Internet of Things IOT and Industry 4.0

Since IOT and Industry4.0 both demands linking together devices and entire systems. It’s becoming a difficult to track breeches and manage security. The Industry is moving very fast to address these concerns. The combination of new technologies with standards IT security with encryption standard resolve many of them.

Another hurdle has been lack of standards. The idea of having several smart devices is great, but of they all record data in their own format and using protocol. The integration of these smart devices will not only be difficult but also expensive. The manufacturing giants like Bosch and Eclipse Foundation has been working on standard communication protocols and architectures like MQTT, OPC, PPMP and UA. These protocols will help smart devices to provide common data formats. There are additional challenges including talent development to IT Integration.


Smart factories along industrial internet will change manufacturing industry in the years to come. The Internet of Things and Industry4.0 are strongly interdependent and will drive new digital business models. In the age of digitization, intelligent machines and advance analytics will redefine the businesses. Here intelligent machines connect machines, facilities and production processes through sensors, control elements and related software applications. And analytics combines the power of physics based analytics, predictive analysis, automation and decision making on strategic level.

IoT Strategy for business success

  • Get Connected- connect all devices to internet and cloud platform which gathers data
  • Get insight- remotely monitoring devices enable access to information for analytics for optimization
  • Get optimized and innovate- develop business model using data of your existing areas of competence.

How hIOTron bring value

Our success factors are deep understanding of the challenges in manufacturing industry

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  3. We work with leading digitization partner: Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and many more
  4. hIOTron Smart factory and Internet of things labs bring about Industry4.0 through sensor technology, M2M communication and the integration to create extensive technical know-how
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