With Smart Lock your smart phone is now a smart key & more

Lock & Unlock your door from anywhere in the world through

Smart lock

Everything you need on door

The amazing smart lock concept

Hi-Lock is the first smart lock on the market to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0,Wi-Fi connectivity and Keypad technology out of the box, Making Hi-Lock not only keyless but phone-less.


Your door at just your fingerTips 

Control through Hi-Lock App

Hi-Lock app is designed with the intention of minimizing your reliance on technology. The interface of the app is intuitive, and intentionally minimal, because we believe you should be spending time doing other things. 

Android App



Use Keypad,BLE & Wi-Fi to Lock/Unlock the Door from anywhere in the world through your smartPhone

Virtual Keys Sharing

Virtual Keys Sharing

Add Unlimited Guest/Member using smartPhone Bluetooth, Locally & Wi-Fi, Globally and share keys from anywhere for your guest access .



Remove/Extend guest access anytime, anywhere.



Know when your guests open or close the door at what time.

Battery Life


Dual Rechargeable Li-ion Cells [12 Months battery life]

Industrial Level Security

Industrial Level Security

hIOTron is serious about security, exceeding industry leading standards by protecting confidentiality of data and device authentication based on AES-CCM cryptography and other standards.

Smart lock dashboard

LocksManager is perfect for commercial applications or if you are renting out home with rental services such as Airbnb or Home-away through where you will be able to handle multiple smart locks all together along with various features such as


There is no smart lock currently available which has got Wi-Fi in it rather than using Wi-Fi Bridger/connector separately for remote access due to battery issues which takes around 3-5mins to response for remote events but in Hi-Lock [Wi-Fi + BLE + Keypad] all in one provided with 1-year battery backup warranty. This is the key point which makes our product unique than others.

If Wi-Fi unit is inside the lock module which has to be powered by battery. Then, Battery life will be limited for some hours. So almost every smart lock company keeping Wi-Fi bridger/Connector [Powered by Mains] separately outside the lock to overcome this problem.

For different power saving modes of the smart lock,  hIOTron embedded team provided a rigid solution along with the fancy feature of remote access such as whenever any event triggers then only power will be consumed otherwise, lock does not have to be connected always to the internet or complete system will be in deep sleep power down mode.
Only when authentication of guest or notification needs to be pushed to cloud then only lock will wake up and rest of the important task will be handled by hIOTron mobile App. This is how we are able to improve the power crisis and made our revolutionary.

Hi-Locks are extremely secure, both digitally and mechanically. Hi-locks uses multiple levels of encryption to increase digital security, and even due to wi-fi inbuilt in modules, Hi-Locks are able to authenticate each & every user either via BLE or keypad through our main servers for every-time access within mili-seconds time interval. However, owner of the smart lock can also decide every-time authentication required or not by keeping his users, to whom he want to allow access in Guest/Member separate list.

Due to reach expertise of our mechanical partners, we have provided each & every physical activity of your door smart lock. If smart lock is triggered or opened via hIOTron smart lock app but door is not open so you will get to know this status on the app, that door is unlocked but not opened yet and when door gets open then again you will be notified this information. Even if someone tries to open the smart lock with wrong key or temper the smart lock, owner will notified real time such events.

To add the guest through Hi-Lock is very simple and easy.

You are just 3 steps away to add the guest

  1. Go in the guest list and click the ADD button

  2. Fill the details of the guest with access timeline

  3. Allow/Disallow keypad access, Notifications, etc.

You can add unlimited guest you want there would not be any charge for guest or notifications for one week record. However, some service charges would be associated for on-demand previous records for more than a week.

There is no cost to use hIOTron server, however, regular fees apply depending on what service you are using.

The Hi-Lock provides multiple low battery indicators and plenty of warnings if you need to change the batteries, including notifications inside the hIOTron mobile App. In the event that the batteries are not replaced in time, you will need to use your standard key to unlock the door.The hIOTron lock operates on 4 AA batteries. Depending on usage, the batteries should last for a year before they need to be replaced.

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The global smart lock market was estimated at $600 million in 2014 and is forecasted to grow to $3.7 billion by 2019, according to the to the Consumer Technology Association.

By becoming a Distributor/Reseller of Hi-Lock, your company can sell the industry’s leading WiFi door locks having local & cloud-based (both) access control systems. Wholesale prices, shared revenue from subscriptions, and a way to provide your customers with the latest in IoT technology.

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