We now have a need for IOT Trainer the one who is passionate for the learning and teaching. Trainer should have majority of the below skills


1. Good Hands on experience wireless communication protocols such as 802.15.4 (Zig-Bee), 6 Low Pan, BLE (nrf52832), Sub-1, Wi-Fi and Wired communication protocols such as CAN, MOD, SPI, I2C and Serial, RS232, RS485.

2.Hands on Experience with 8 / 16 / 32 bit controllers and processors such as Arduino / Raspberry-pi-3/Node – MCU / Intel.

3.Analog & Digital sensors and circuits design, PCB layout EMI / EMC knowledge, PCB layout design standards, Bread board / General purpose PCB prototyping testing, Eagle / Portus tools, Schematic design, Final layout etc.

4.Very good experience in C, C++, Java, Python, Linux, Device drivers, System programming, assembly programming and firmware updates or SOC level programming.

5.Hands on experience Networking tools and protocols such as TCP / UDP, MAC, IPv4 / IPV6, MQTT, Web sockets, HTTP, AMQP, REST etc.

6.Very good exposure of IOT cloud services such as AWS IOT, IBM Blue-mix Watson, Thing-worx, Xively, MS Azure IOT, Cayenne, wyliodrin etc.

7.Should be able to deliver training and handle lab sessions for 20 participants when you are training.

8.Should be capable of evaluation, content creation and project mentoring during the session.

9.Fluency in English with good communication Skills.


1.Little bit knowledge of MEAN stack and hybrid cross platform.

2.Experience in projects/prototype in any of 2 IOT Domains out of
Energy & Industrial
Smart Cities
Enterprise & Health care
Smart Home & Building Automation
Automotive & Transport


Remuneration will be proportional to your level of experience. Performance will be regularly reviewed and merits will be commensurate with successful results and the financial profits we collectively achieve as a team. You will also grow your expertise in a challenging and exciting environment where you will work closely with highly experienced engineers and customers.