Top 5 Reasons To Start Your IoT Journey With hIOTron

1. Complete readymade IOT hardware Kit & Full stack software frameworks for turning any new idea into live Proof of concept [PoC], Piolet or Product.

Hi-Gate [An Enterprise IOT gateway] & Hi-Nodes [Wireless sensor nodes] fully customizable IOT devices which are designed to facilitate beginners and developers to quickly build IOT POCs [Proof of Concept] Projects. These devices will fit to run almost 80% IOT applications of various business verticals/domains with the help of ready-made customizable IOT platform and front end user Dashboard/Applications.

2. Free access of Enterprise IOT platform & End user mobile app/Dashboard.

iot platfor with dshIOTron platform lets you quickly build any IOT project focused to achieve easily 5 major D’s.

  1. Device management [Authorization & Authentication].
  2. Device connectivity [Mode (Wi-Fi/GPRS) Setup, Protocol (Zig-Bee, BLE4.0, LoRaWAN) switching].
  3. Data Storage (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).
  4. Dashboard/Application Enablement.
  5. Data Analytics [Rules, Graphs, power features, grouping & other custom widgets].

3.Unlimited customization on hardware, platform & Dashboard/Application level anywhere, anytime for any application.

IOT SOLUTIONSFor any IOT project/product device & user application customization is the biggest concern in terms of various protocol connectivity & standardization issues involved. Let’s take an example of basic smart home automations which requires lot of customizations based on end customer Home Architecture/Electrical Plan and there are even many vendors in the market those who also does the same job or having same requirement which is customization and similarly for other IOT domains. Therefore, hIOTron platform lets you customize your project as many times you want from anywhere, anytime such as

  1. Simple Device [Hi-gate or Hi-node] registration.
  2. Setup Hi-gate [Mode connectivity (GSM or Wi-Fi)]
  3. Setup Hi-Node having individual 4, 8 or 12 Channels each based on Zig-Bee, BLE4.0, LoRaWAN protocols .
  4. Automatic mobile Application/Dashboard building during selection of each channel (Input/output) pins based on requirement.
  5. Add multiple Rules, Graphs, power features, grouping & other custom widgets for your application.

4.Easy take into production for bulk quantity. A complete & clear roadmap for entire product development cycle from POC-to-Production by hIOTron IOT product experts.

iot solutionsThere are multiple things which always stops you to start your IOT project such as what if I want to do bulk production, will I be able to do independently, is there any later-on cloud platform or mobile application charges involved, how frequent customization can be done, what application my end users will be running (brand, aesthetics) support and many things.

But don’t worry, you will get complete & clear roadmap for your entire product development cycle from PoC-to-Production by hIOTron IOT product experts along with such small queries right from beginning itself.

5.Launch your IOT product without investing much money & valuable time on in-house development or R&D team in quickest market possible time.

Due to involvement of various (Hardware, Software & Networking) technologies for developing an IOT product/project, it’s not easy for an individual or companies to manage complete in-house R&D team or to get solution from multiple vendors which leads to increase the cost & time of the development of end product.

Whereas to overcome all these issues we, hIOTron have complete in-house development team which is expertise in developing End-To-End solutions for all major vertical of IOT Ecosystem such as custom PCB designs/hardware development, embedded software development, device- cloud/network integration, communication & web protocols, IT experts, front- end/mobile app or Web-App development & big-data analyst.

So far, we have covered 8 major IOT applications & delivered almost 9500+ internet connected products of which 84% are live in 28 cities across 4 countries.

Let’s Start Your IOT Journey with us