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IoT Solutions

Our Prebuilt solutions on hIOTron IoT platform helps our partners to create their presence in other domains and widen their kitty of offering without any further investment. These solutions are built for industrial and go to market perspective, scalable in terms of hardware as it comes basic packaging so as per the requirement we can add more hardware to it.

smart bus seat occupancy

Smart Bus Seat Occupancy Detection System

It is very difficult for the bus owners to track and identify the unofficial pickups done by their bus drivers or conductors without their knowledge and record which mainly leads to the inconvenience for the bus existing passengers and sometimes this activity delays their journey as well. Therefore, to overcome this problem Bus owners can use smart seat occupancy detection system in their buses through which they will get the seat occupancy details and more.

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cold chain management

Smart Cold Chain Monitoring System

Information is Power in cold chain. After all, the cargo transported, be it via ship, airplane, truck or train, must be kept at the perfect temperature. Even the slightest change in conditions can spell disaster. Therefore, A smarter cold chain system (Logistics + Temperature Monitoring = Smarter Cold Chain System), where monitoring devices can provide managers with live data about temperature and location, mitigating any problems along the chain before they arise.

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smart Remote Tank Monitoring

Remote Tank Monitoring System

hIOTron’s Remote Tank Monitoring System (RTMS) is a tank monitoring and distribution optimization solution designed to allow distributors of bulk lubes, gases and fuels, propane, and virtually any other fluid to remotely monitor tank fill levels, inventory and improve route optimization for their delivery drivers. Using the power of the Internet of things, wireless connectivity, and smart devices.

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home automation system

Smart Home Automation Solution

Welcome to the era of the Smart Home Automation, with hIOTron® Smart Home Automation System you now have everything required to convert a simple home into smart home such as switches, dimmers, door contact, motion & light sensors, sense-R (Smart thermostat), Indoor security camera, smart locks controlled by a single central hub.

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iot connected world

Smart City Solution

hIOTron Smart City Ecosystem provides IoT based solution for areas such as Transport, Pollution, Healthcare. Water, Waste, Traffic, Energy and Asset Management. These are the critical areas of improvements to make a city smart and provide healthy life to its residents. We will look how each components can helps a city to make it smart.

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cnc machine monitoring

CNC Machine Monitoring & Fault Detection System

Modern-day machining has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of processing complexity, precision, machine scale, and automation level. In the improvement of processing quality and efficiency, CNC (computerized numerical control) machine tools plays a key role.

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smart street lights

Smart Street Light Solution

hIOTron is a powerful yet extremely flexible Central Management IoT Platform for street lighting. A combination of software applications and different hardware technologies that will offer you full control over any kind of lighting network enabling activity scheduling, real time faults notification, remote meter reading, performance analysis, custom dimming scenarios creation, maintenance workflow management and much more, increasing efficiency and cutting down costs.

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hardware iot solutions

Connected Worker Solution 

Harness the power of our IoT expertise to make your work place more efficient, transparent, safe and productive with customized hIOTron connected worker solution. It leverages mobile, sensor, asset tracking and analytics to more effectively execute the work activities of an industrials or workers. Monitoring real-time as well as historical data insights in the form of charts, graphs & various visualization widgets will help to reduce non-productive work, create a safe work environment and improve efficiencies—ultimately saving money.

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smart locks

Smart Lock System

With hIOTron Smart Locks you get connected smart lock system with complete access and control of your doors in your business, home, office or rental property.  hIOTron smart locks gives you both wifi connected and no-internet (Keypad, Bluetooth, FigerPrint, RFID Cards or Manual) lock control.  With scheduled, identity-based access and a complete reporting solution hIOTron Lock is the complete way to manage your business, home or rental properties.

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Smart-energy and-power-management-solution

Smart Energy & Power Monitoring System

Low control on expansive and geographically distributed sites often results in inefficient utilization of power across a company. Therefore, hIOTron Smart Energy & Power management system is a complete package comprising hardware, software, server integration and sensors. Right from the physical touch points to the user interface with dashboard and mobile app, the solution has it covered, providing complete and efficient monitoring & Controlling.

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smart home automation

Smart Hotel Management Solution

With hIOTron® Smart Hotel Management System no need to waste efforts for check-in & check-out process. True, this system is seamlessly designed including hardware, software (Mobile application & Dashboard) &  cloud platform which works with both retrofit and new construction hotels to transform the guest experience and enhance hotel operational efficiency, creating a win for the property manager and a very special stay for the travelers.

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Transformer Monitoring system

Distribution Transformer Monitoring System

hIOTron’s Distribution Transformer Monitoring System (DTMS) redefining the capabilities and benefit to “Power Distribution Companies and Transformer manufacturers” that can be achieved by monitoring the large Distributed Power Transformer Network remotely via Mobile application or Dashboard.

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