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Top 5 reasons to choose this kit for IoT Development

Many of those looking to explore the IoT and embedded computing markets face a hard but honest question: where do I start?

Making sense of the many boards and accessories, hardware and software interfaces, connectivity standards and APIs has been described as one of the biggest problems that the everyone facing today.

The hIOTron Modular & Enterprise IoT Development kit, shortlisted a first 5 IoT development kit as a complete IoT solution in the world which includes not only the hardware building blocks (Nodes & Gateway) needed to quickly prototype a wireless IoT system from scratch but most importantly hIOTron enterprise IoT™ Platform integrated with custom mobile application & GUI dashboard enable user to get up and run PoC of any idea as easily and quickly as possible.

Who Should use this IoT Development kit & What all applications can be covered ?

This IoT Development kit perfectly addresses individual makers inspired to build innovative connected projects at home as well as small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs who want to quickly prototype an IoT platform and then ramp up for volume production.

If you’re a maker, an IoT developer or even a company looking to build a revolutionary IoT project/product or solution, then this IoT Development kit is the ideal solution for you.

The possibilities are endless – and we can’t wait to see how you use hIOTron IOT Development kit in your next project! Few examples of applications where this IoT Development kit could be deployed include

What does this IoT Development kit includes?

Modular & Enterprise IoT development kit comes in 3 versions are Standard, Advance & Customized which can be selected based on applications requirement.

Hiotron IoT Development Kit


Standard IoT POC development Kit Includes everything you want to start your IoT project right from scratch to production such as Modular Wireless Node (Hi-Node), Enterprise IoT Gateway (Hi-Gate) and free access of hIOTron IoT™ Platform for building proof of concept (POC) with custom Mobile application & Live User Dashboard.

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Enterprise IoT Development kit


Advance kit includes everything similar standard kit except Industrial Wireless Node (Hi-Node)  instead Modular in which wired connectivity options such as GPIO, SPI, I2C, Serial & ModBus, RS232, 485 & Micro-Bus enhanced for real time operation of enterprise level projects whereas wireless connectivity options are same as Modular Node.

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modular development kit


Standard & Advance kits includes everything to develop PoC from all the way possible. Consider to connect to internet it contains Wi-Fi, Ethernet & GSM (2G,3G & 4G) modules but in customized kit, you will have options to select the specific modules not only for OutBound, Also for InBound connectivity which you require to develop PoC instead buying the complete kit package.

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How to get started with this IoT Development kit?

Getting started with this IoT Development kit is very simple & easy in just 3 steps 

User Manual
Kit Brochure
hIOTron IoT Platform
Kit Demo
Hardware Specs

Real Results and Reviews

Development of IoT Product or Solution was never easy & faster like this before. Read our clients success stories to know the reason why.

Industry Testimonials

“It is clear that the power and capability of the hIOTron IoT platform & suite of application solutions is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest scale enterprise systems in commercial and government applications. hIOTron is a technological tour de force.”

Waleed Swati, Project Manager, CubeXS Weatherly (Pvt) Ltd.
“hIOTron has demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly design, provision, and deploy scalable & enterprise IoT solution with edge analytics and machine learning capability into highly-functional and beneficial enterprise applications.”
Mr. Umesh Raghav, Managing Director , ATPN (Mumbai)

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