Get IoT Training by core IoT developers, Not just trainers

True, Join In-Depth Core Hands-on end-to-end online & classroom IoT Training in Pune or Mumbai with Live use cases using IoT Hardware Kit (20+ Components) & Enterprise as well as Private IoT Cloud Platforms. Get End-to-End IoT Training by core IoT Developers who have Built successful IoT Solutions Already, Not just Trainers. To simplify the level of expectations our IoT training is divided into 3 major [Basic, Advance & End-To-End] modules 

basic iot training

Basic IoT Training

Quickly start your IoT journey with Step-By-Step guide right from scratch, start from collecting field data through real world sensors to the controlling devices via mobile Application or Dashboard and perform 3 live Industrial use-cases to understand the importance of MQTT protocol practically.

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advance iot training

Advance IoT Training

Set-up your own [MQTT/REST/Web-Socket] custom Protocol based IoT cloud platform & perform multiple industrial IoT case studies by integration of Arduino, Node-MCU, Raspberry-Pi with enterprise IoT platforms such as IBM Bluemix Watson, AWS IoT, Thing-Worx, Azure IoT, hIOTron® & Many more.

Build POC
end to end iot training

End-To-End IoT Training

Build end-to-end IoT eco-system with multiple wireless sensor nodes connected to the IoT Gateway as a Hardware client, Front end custom mobile App/Dashboard as a Front end client & Custom platform as an IoT platform including implementation of top 5 Industrial IoT case studies.

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 MODULE 1  | Total 24 Hours | Basic Hands on IoT Training (8 Sessions)

Theory & Practical  (Session 1+2,  6 Hrs)

  • End-To-End IoT Architecture with detailed explanation
  • IoT Application or Use-Case with IOT Analytics
  • IoT Market Landscape/Business or JOB opportunities in detail
  • Availability of Readymade IOT Hardware + Software + Platform solutions
  • Top 10 IoT Influenced Companies and their solutions in detail
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Basic Hands-on Practicals [Session 3+4, 6 Hrs]

Project #1
Application: Environmental
Sub Application: [Energy/Gas/weather monitoring] 

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ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Arduino
  • Ethernet Shield
GPIO (Wired)EthernetREST/ web socketThing-speak

Project #2
Application:Energy & Industrial
Sub Application: [Energy/Gas Meter and Oil Pipeline monitoring]

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ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
Energy & Industrial
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Hi-Node
BLE 4.0/Bluetooth
(Wireless) & GPIO(Wired)
EthernetSMTP/ web socketBLYNK

Advance Hands on Practicals – [Session 5+6 & 7+8,  12 Hrs]

Project #3
Application: Enterprise & Health Care
Sub Application: [Ability to manage virtually any number of devices, Remote monitoring and control of device, patient’s health statistics (Position, Air Flow, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate), Hospital asset management etc.]

ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
Enterprise & HealthCare
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • RFID
GPIO (Wired)EthernetREST/Web-socketThing-Worx IoT Platform

Project #4
Application: Smart Cities
Sub Application: [Smart meter networks, Smart Transportation,o, Smart city lighting, Smart grid automation, Energy-saving buildings, Smart public safety systems, Efficient public services tracking, Ad-hoc traffic balancing]

ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
Smart Cities
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Arduino
GPIO (Wired)Ethernet/Wi-FiMQTT/REST

Web socket

hIOTron IOT Platform

MODULE 2| Total 48 Hours | Advance Deep Diving IoT Training ( 8 + 8 Sessions)

Theory & Practical  (Session 11+12,  12 Hrs)

  • Getting started with Raspberry-Pi : Raspberry-Pi Hardware Description & Interfacing Components + Booting + Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup + Accessing the Pi + Rasp-Bean OS (Linux) + basic commands + SSH (Putty/X-Ming)
  • Raspberry-Pi interfacing & python programming : Multi-session + Playing with python (Arithmetic Conditions + Loops + functions) + Analog/Digital Sensor (Input) interfacing with GPIO’s + Actuator (Output) interfacing.
  • Real time Data monitoring on multiple Thing-speak channels from Raspberry-pi.

Hands on Project Development – [Session 13+14 & 15+16,  12 Hrs]

Project #6
Application: Smart Home & Building Automation
Sub Application: [Monitor and analyze activities of devices / users / groups, Remote control Monitor device performance, Device profile management and inventory]

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ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
Smart Home &
Building Automation
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • RFID
  • Raspberry-Pi 3
Zig-bee [Star & Mesh Topology]Wi-FiMQTT,REST and Web-socketAWS IOT

Project #7

Application: Automotive & Transport
Sub Application: [Connected car systems monitoring, Smart driving assistance, Real-time fleet management, Optimized logistics, Driver safety systems, Automated emergency management, Cloud-based infotainment solutions, Predictive maintenance]

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ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
Automotive & Transport
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Raspberry-Pi 3
LoRa ModuleWi-FiMQTT, REST and Web-socketIBM Blue-mix Watson

MODULE 3| Total 60 Hours | End-To-End Complete IoT Training  ( 8 + 8 + 4 Sessions)

Theory & Practical – [ 9 Hrs ] Create Your Own IOT Cloud Platform on your Mini Computer [Raspberry-Pi]

[Backend IoT MQTT Server = Broker + Nodejs] on Raspberry-Pi

Part-1 = Setup Broker & Test

  • Install Hive-MQ/Mosquitto Broker (MQTT) on Raspberry-pi
  • MQTT Fx, virtual client to client communication

Part-2 = Setup Node & Test

  • MEAN stack: Install MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js & Node.js.
  • Other NPM dependencies: Install some other NPM dependencies such as (A web-socket Framework), body-parser, mongoose etc.
  • Perform REST Basic APIs operation (PUT/GET/DELETE/POST).

[Frontend Clients = Angular Webpage or Mobile Application] on Raspberry-Pi.

Part-1 = Build Angular Webpage & Store Data in MongoDB (NoSQL) database

  • Build first Node App using express with Node-mon.
  • Use for real time client-server connectivity for IoT data.
  • Push/Fetch real time or historical data to or from MongoDB (NoSQL) database

Part-2 = Build Hybrid Mobile Application for [Android/iOS/Windows] platform & Store Data in Database

  • Build first Hybrid App using Ionic angular framework.
  • Use for real time client-server connectivity for IoT data.
  • Push/Fetch real time or historical data to or from MongoDB (NoSQL) database.
  • Build Platform specific APK [Android/iOS]
  • Publish production app on Google play-store or iOS store.

Hands on Project Development – [3 Hrs]

Project #8
Application: Smart Cities
Sub Application: [Smart meter networks, Smart Transportation, Parking, Smart city lighting, Smart grid automation, Energy-saving buildings, Smart public safety systems, Efficient public services tracking, Ad-hoc traffic balancing]

ApplicationHardware ModuleConnectivity ProtocolCommunication ChannelMessaging ProtocolCloud Platform
Smart Cities
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Raspberry-Pi 
  • Arduino – Uno






Web socket

Custom IoT platform on RPI

Q1.What core technologies will be covered?

1. Sensors : Temperature, Luminance, Infrared, Gas, Ultrasonic, PIR, Accelerometer
2. Actuators : LED’s, Bulb with Relay, Motors, Fan

3. Connectivity Protocols :
⇒Wired : CAN bus, GPIO ADC, Serial, Modbus, SPI, I2C
⇒Wireless : Zig-bee, BLE 4.0, Wi-Fi, SUB-1, RF module

4. Hardware Gateway : Hi-MCU, Hi-duino, Raspberry-pi
5. Communication Channels : Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM / 3G / 4G / LTE (SMS Text, Phone Calls, Data)
6. Messaging protocols : MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS/REST, SMTP, COAP
7. IOT cloud Platforms :AWS IOT, Xively, Thing-Worx, IBM Blue-mix and private AWS instance, Microsift Azure, Google etc.
8. Scripting : C++ & java (to program Sensor and Actuator Control, Data Acquisition/Aggregation/Filtering/Analytics, Event Management, Network Communication)

9. Security:
⇒Fully Encrypted Network Communication (SSL/TLS)
⇒User Access Authentication Trusted Boot (where CPU/SoC supports it)
⇒Encrypted Data Storage (AES256)
⇒TPM keys used if available

10. MEAN Stack:
⇒Server Side Framework – Node.js [Express] ⇒Database – MongoDB
⇒Front End Development – Angular.js Webpage
⇒Mobile Application – Android/iOS/Windows [Hybrid Platform]

11. Use Cases Covered:
⇒Energy & Industrial
⇒Enterprise & Health Care
⇒Environmental Application
⇒Smart Cities
⇒Smart Home & Building Automation
⇒Automotive & Transport

Why Only this use case?
Latest McKinsey report have identified nine areas of growth to reach the $4 trillion to $11 trillion of value inherent in the IOT’s potential.

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Q2.Why Learn the Internet Of Things?

As with any new technology, businesses will need to find quantifiable benefits in the Internet of Things before the concept is embraced and implemented.

It could be argued that connected devices are already being adopted on a wide scale. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Qualcomm, IBM, and others already see IOT as a core part of their businesses. Even so, there are still some, especially small to medium sized businesses, that are weighing up the costs and benefits of ultra-connectivity in the world of the Internet of Things.

You do not have to dig deep to see why IOT is important. Business Insider’s research division, BI Intelligence, has predicted that IOT will become the largest device market in the world over the next five years. Most analysts predict market value will reach into the trillions, with possibly $7 trillion of total value by 2020.

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Q3.Who Should go for this IOT course?

An Internet of Things is applicable to all verticals and specializations. That’s the beauty and attraction of IOT! Some of the people who can make the most from the program are:

Students: Who are looking to build a better career in technology. There is going to be a 4.5 million job vacancies for IOT specialized as 90% top level companies (Apple, IBM, google, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm) are making their product smart or have already started working in this domain.

This program helps them develop, create or build end to end IOT device.

Engineers(Electronics/ECE/E&TC/ExTC) : Who are aware that a golden period is coming for them soon and want to reach out beyond their current scope that limits them to just electronics or tele-communication.

Getting an understanding of the electronic side of the IoT technologies and standards and also getting an exposure to the cloud / software side of things will enable them to play a key role in time to come when the demand for electronic engineers with IoT experience and knowledge will skyrocket. Even in many universities IOT course got compulsory for students’ academics so those who are planning for higher education MS or MBA, this training can be a fruitful for them.

Existing or Budding Entrepreneurs or Startups : Nowadays, in every country 7 out of 10 startups are in IOT domain including India so those who have any IoT ideas that they would like to bring into reality(e.g. Remote controlled things, home automation, wearable’s, tech devices etc.) will get a very good understanding of all technologies and most importantly, how these technologies work together to make it possible. They will also get technical support from hIOTron’s experts.

Industry professionals: Who are working in pharmaceutical, real estate, manufacturing, electrical, retail, healthcare and a number of other verticals and businesses who are foresighted to see the disruption that it will bring in the way their business operates in the near future and want to be the early adopters or change agents in their respective industries. Through the insight that they build, on the working and the possibilities of IoT, they can spearhead the adoption of it in their business areas.

Q4.What are the pre-requisites for End-to-End IOT course?

There is no specific pre-requisites for learning IOT. We have built the deck and tutorials/practicals in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from them (while basic knowledge of C and C++ will help). During the training our experts will help you understand all the aspects of IOT.
Lots of Finance, HR senior executives have attended our sessions with amazing results.

Q5.Where do our learners come from?

Professionals from around the globe have benefited from our End-to-End IOT training course. Some of the top places that our learners come from include San Francisco, Bay Area, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, London, Berlin, UAE, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

hIOTron’s End-to-End Classroom and Online training is one of the most sought-after in the industry and has helped thousands of IOT professionals around the globe bag top jobs in the industry. This online training includes lifetime access, 24X7 support for your questions, class recordings and mobile access.

1.Arduino UNO (At-mega 328) Board with USB cable
2.Arduino Ethernet Shield (W5100)
3.RJ45 Ethernet cable
4.Bluetooth module (HC05)
5.Ultrasonic sensor (HCSR04)
6.Temperature sensor (LM35)
7.Luminance Sensor (LDR)
8.IR sensor Module
9.Gas Sensor Module [MQ2]
10.DHT11 Sensor Module
11.2 channel relay Board
12.Light Bulb with Holder & connector
13.Bread Board
14.M2M & M2F jumpers [15 each]
15.LED’s and Resistors/Capacitors

16.Raspberry- Pi 3 model B
17. Zigbee Module S2C 802.15.4 2mW with Wire Antenna
18. Zigbee Breakout Board [USB Interface]
19. NODE MCU (Wi-Fi) Module
20.SD Card [8GB]

Participants will be certified by hIOTron, for end-To-end IoT training which ensures that candidate is having complete understanding of core technical IoT frameworks or architecture with hands-on practice.

Internet of Things or IOT has become one giant buzz word in this era.With its popularity and increasing Demand in Automotive, Agriculture, Medicals or Wearable etc. Industries and Institutes are spending huge amount of money and time in smart products and Research to know this key technology from the core but in today’s era its very difficult for individual or organization to get the right content and practical demonstration or visualization about IOT [complete End to end architecture] because it is still in developing phase.

By keeping these points in mind, hIOTron had designed its 3 major Industry level End to End IoT training modules in which participants will be having Deep understanding of:
Latest IoT technologies and standards – Analog/Digital Sensors, CAN BUS, MOD BUS, I2C, SPI Protocol, Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, Ethernet shield, ESP8266-12E, IoT Gateways, WSN Technology, Protocols, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, RFID,IPV4/IPv6, MQTT/HTTP/COAP, IPV6LOWPAN, Wireless Communication, Web-sockets, Cloud, Nodejs, MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs, REST services, and much more.

  1. We have trained 20000+ people online worldwide using the below methodology with 100% success rate:
  2. We will be delivering the IoT Training using latest GOTO Meeting or Google hangout screen share and VOIP.
  3. All session will be very interactive with participants either typing in their questions or simply asking them directly over VOIP throughout sessions.
  4. We will ship you the required IoT hardware kit. We will ensure that you get the IoT kit before the session dates. Entire Kit Cost including Shipping/handling included in training cost.
  5. We will be sending you the softcopy of the practical manuals and sample code etc. which will help you complete the practicals.
  6. Manuals have been built in a very user friendly manner using lots of images and video etc. to help complete the practical easily and with clarity.
  7. hIOTron experts will be present during the all sessions to guide and help you understand theory and complete the practicals.
  8. hIOTron experts will showcase the practicals through screen-share and demo all aspects for clear understanding.
In classroom IoT Training Mode you will be assigned individual workstation at hIOTron for Hands on experience and you will be getting complete hardware kit for IoT Training from hIOTron Workshop.

As everyone knows IOT is very vast topic which is comprised of so many technologies to build any end user application right from sensor interfacing to app development.

so, any specific pre-req would not be sufficient to learn it.

Therefore, we do not ask participants to have any pre-req. to join the IoT Training and we have built the deck and tutorials/Practicals for all the levels of IOT in a simple and easy way so that anyone can learn from them whereas prior knowledge of C/C++ will be an extra advantage & during the IoT training our experts will also help you understand all aspects. Lots of IT, Finance, HR senior executives have attended our sessions with amazing results.

  1. Well systematically organized core IoT technical course content in lowest market price.
  2. Learn by hIOTron core IoT product based domain oriented experts.
  3. More than 5 Live industrial IOT case studies on industrial IoT cloud platforms such as IBM Blue-mix Watson, AWS IOT cloud platform, Thing-Worx, Xively, hIOTron and many more.
  4. Industrial level practical approach only valuable & key points learning and understanding with 100% hands on experience rather than just creating IoT a hype.
  5. Get minimum 6 month’s jump-start in IoT or if already started then move towards your first IoT product deployment with hIOTron IoT experts.
  6. Get IOT Training Certificate & Free IOT kit worth INR 8000.
  7. Be a part of hIOTron fast growing 8500+ IoT developer’s innovators, enthusiasts and maker’s community.
  8. Get one-year free access of hIOTron IoT™ platform with devices such as Arduino, Raspberry-Pi and Node-MCU and Mobile App Free SDK’s & Life-Time free access of online videos & software handouts.

Absolutely yes, If you see our End-To-End 60 Hours IoT Training module in which we cover more than 5 Industrial IOT use case using open source & industrial IOT cloud platform after which participant would be able to build their own any IOT application or solution.

Yes, after the training participant will get 1 year free access of hIOTron IOT platform
along with devices such Arduino, Raspberry-pi and nodeMCU solution source codes & Mobile app [Android/iOS] SDK’s and lifetime free access of IoT Training online videos & software handouts and also be part of hIOTron fast growing 21000+ IOT developers, innovators, enthusiast & makers community which may help participants during product development period.

Students: Who are looking to build a better career in technology, There is going to be a 4.5 million job vacancies for IOT specialize because 90% top level companies (Apple, IBm, google, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm) are making their product smart or have started working in this domain.

Electronics/ECE/E&TC/ExTC/IT/CS engineers: Who are aware that a golden period is coming for them soon and want to reach out beyond their current scope that limits them to just electronics or communication. Even in many universities IOT course got compulsory for students’ academics so those who are planning for higher education MS or MBA, IoT Training can be a fruitful for them.

Existing or Budding Entrepreneurs: Nowadays in every country 7 out of 10 startups are in IOT Domain. So those who have any IoT ideas (e.g. Remote controlled things, home automation, wearable tech devices, etc.) that they would like to bring to a reality. They will get a very good understanding of all technologies and most importantly, how these technologies work together to make it possible. They will also get technical support from hIOTron experts.

Industry professionals: Working in pharmaceutical, real estate, manufacturing, electrical, retail, healthcare and a number of other verticals and businesses who are foresighted to see the disruption that it will bring in the way their business operates in the near future and want to be the early adopters or change agents in their respective industries. Through the insight that they build on the working and the possibilities of IoT, they can spearhead the adoption of it in their business areas.

You will never lose any session. You can choose either of the two options: 1. View the recorded session . 2. You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

Yes, primarily hIOTron is hardware base company and our IoT Training course content are designed in such a way that you will be working with open source (readymade) Embedded Hardware devices which are the best IoT solution for quick start and you will be getting almost all the embedded source code and 24×7 large community support.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave, world is going to witness. Today we live in an era of connected devices (mobile phones, computers etc.), the future is of connected things (Things mean: home appliances, vehicles, lamp-posts, personal accessories, your pets, industrial equipment’s and everything which you use in day-to-day life). Internet of Things is a term given to the attempt of connecting objects to the internet and also to each other – allowing people and objects themselves to analyze data from various sources in real-time and take necessary actions in an intelligent fashion.

Many big technology industries like apple, Intel, ARM, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have welcomed IoT and are putting huge investments and R&D efforts in this domain. Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) predicts some 25 billion devices will be connected by 2015, and 50 billion by 2020 and the market size, as predicted by GE is 10-20 trillion USD. The Internet of Things is the next revolution for users and brands.

The Internet of Things isn’t coming soon. It’s already here. Big players are entering the game. Google bought the Nest Thermostat, Apple is coming out with Home Kit, ARM and Intel have both released new developer tools, Relayer got $2.3M in funding from Cisco to build an Internet of Things App ecosystem and Samsung announced earlier this year that they want to connect 90% of their devices by the end of 2017.

Few more facts :-

1) The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is booming—in 2018, And need for IOT Developer is growing along with it.

2) Gartner predicts By 2020, more than 20.8 billion IoT devices will be in use, A recent report from vision mobile projects 4.5 million IOT Developers will be needed by 2020.

3) The term “IoT developer” remains broad, “There are a lot of discipline areas that are in play, including security, networking, systems engineering, cloud programming, and hardware device programming,” “It pays to be multilingual so that you can be flexible and play many different roles in the team.”

4) While these solutions may seem complex, the deployment of an IoT solution is simpler than would be expected for such a trans-formative benefit. With IoT technologies, you have the ability to dream big,adjusting the scope of your IoT solutions over time and with ease.

5) If you are a techie, or techie-at-heart, you’ll also enjoy his musings on the incredible rate of technological change we’ve seen in the past 50 years.

You will not be able to extend the IoT Training in the same batch, But you will be able to continue the IoT Training from next batch.

Yes, End-To-End 60 Hours complete IoT Training will cover 24 Hours & 48 Hours module as well.

You will get take away hardware kit but if have your own and don’t want hardware kit from hIOTron so we will deduct the hardware cost from total training cost.

We have well-qualified IoT trainers those who are having more than 6 years of experience specific to IoT domain. All our trainers come from development background means they are not only an IoT trainers while they also have great expertise in developing End-To-End IoT solution, services and related Internet connected end products.

Thousands of Professionals have taken hIOTron IoT Training

shefali kapoor

I took the 60 Hours End-To-End Hands on IOT training in Pune with Hiotron and appreciate the patience with which they took me through the IOT concepts as I am not from the IT or electronics domain but fascinated to learn IOT as part of my personal and future career development. The trainers have motivated me to pursue this IoT Course with more conviction in myself and also showed the path to continued improvement and eventually success in the future. In fact, this course is not the end but just the beginning in my IOT journey.

javed Inamdar

The best place to start your IoT journey in India. Umesh Lokhande sir is very knowledgable and has a knack for teaching complex concepts in easy to understand manner. Hiotron teams hands on experience in building real life IoT solutions gives this training an edge over any training offered by so called premier institutes. At the end of the training, I got well conversant with entire IoT stack, starting from devices to cloud to front end. The IoT kit provided was top notch. Thank you entire Hiotron team for conceptualising and delivering such an effective training on a complex topic like IoT.

Shrikanth Deshmukhmath

If you think of start with IOT, hIOTron is the answer where you can stop your search. Practical oriented training with industry experience faculty. Enjoyed each session. Umesh Sir, who was our mentor has rich IOT experience.

Absolutely wonderful IoT Training. The passion with which training is been conducted you cannot loose the focus and interest. Worth attending it.
Keep doing the same good work. Thanks.

dheer jha

hIOTron has a very interactive way of training. They are more focused in practical than theory. If anyone want to get trained in IOT , I will highly recommend Hiotron. I don’t think any one else will give this kind of knowledge and understanding. 

I have done Oct’18 batch of IoT Training with hIOTron, in case you need answers for what? where? and how to? in the IoT domain then surely you can get a very concise and to the point IoT Training. that’s equally good for experience and novice techies with hiotron’s end-to-end IoT 60 Hours training. Best part is personalised group training, comprehensive hardware kits, convenient timings, 100% practical oriental and experienced instructors from the IoT industry. Kudos!!

P. Srijith, DGM | TATA Teleservices Limited
vivek datt

The IoT Course curriculum is completely hands-on with theoretical interventions as needed. The trainers have experience executing real life projects and therefore can relate to industry use cases. I recommend Hiotron IoT Training.

Vivek Datt, EcoDynamics

It was very good experience to learn IOT with Hiotron. Syllabus covered was up to the mark and every topic was explained with real life examples along with practical sessions. Good thing was 90% practical and 10% theory. Highly recommended for IOT training with bellow points.
1. Best in class room training only 10 people max. 2. Content was good and Mr. Umesh Lokhande is good trainer. He has deep knowledge of IOT, Electronic and cloud, etc. . He has explained topics with real world example and ready to answer queries. 3. Can extend support if required after completion of training. 4. They have their own IOT products. Mr Hitesh discussed success stories with their live experience which helps us in client interaction, product development till deployment.. 5. If you want specific topic out of their syllabus they can bring for you separately..

Sheetal kumar panse

“Highly impressed by the depth of technical knowledge on IOT hardware of the team and especially Mr.Hitesh. Always ready to discuss any topic/query at length and ensure that it is addressed to satisfaction. Best IoT Training in Pune
Wish Hitesh and team all the success in this field.”


Kudos to hIOTron Development & Training team! It was really thought-provoking, insightful, and well-structured end-to-end IoT framework (far better than even mentioned online) delivered by hIOTron. I personally worked on different Use Cases & its detailed understanding. Corporate interface of hIOTron is really excellent, without which i would not have been placed on a position where i am today.I really want to thank hIOTron team and wish all of them very best of luck for continuing such a great work ahead in future.

Manoj Kumar

hIOTron is one of the pioneer IoT Training provider, who are teaching the IOT with proper case studies. More practical and less theory. All the case studies are practical in nature which can be applied in industry.hIOTron provides Well organized iot training software & documents and my all the queries has been answered and solved by trainer.

I wish best luck to grow more with Industry 4.0

Arun Nair

I have opted for Classroom IoT Training in Pune and have been tought by Mr. Hitesh & Umesh. They are having brilliant practical knowledge of IoT. They are technically very sound, also having good understanding of the IoT business landscape. I enjoyed working and learning from hIOTron.


Effective with focus on practicals, Understood whole life cycle of IOT at high level.The Basic-24 Hours-Hands-On IoT Training is targeted for initial understanding of underline infrastructure.


I am strongly satisfied with hIOTron 60 Hours End-To-End IOT Training Online. Every session was very interactive and trainer was also very eager to solve each and every query asked. Even though it was online iot training all the practicals demonstrated really well.

I found hIOTron’s team very humble which is think very rare experience especially with Training provider. On the request hIOTron has also provided additional session on RFID and Thingworx.

All the documents and software were received with well systematic manner.


I opted for 60 hours End-To-End Online IOT training conducted by hIOTron and seriously it was very helpful for me to understand every aspect of IoT from basic to end to end.

I am from Pakistan and i had done a lot of research for best IoT Training provider in the world and important thing is that i choose hIOTron IOT training in India because it is different than any other IOT training available in the market.

You will learn everything right from sensor interfacing to app development and more hands-on practice on major IOT use cases are the key factor in this iot training.

I wish best luck to hIOTron team.


It is the true art and skills and expertise to teach in a way that I could understand and learned very easily about so many aspects of IOT. I really appreciate and would certainly like to recommend hIOTron’s IoT Training and it’s way of teaching and experiencing the IOT way to all developers and IT professionals who are actively looking for transforming themselves for next exciting future of technologies.

Paul Lalthuamsanga

hIOTron is the best for starting your IOT journey. They give a good iot training with practical hand-on. I really appreciate there vision and knowledge in IOT sector which will shape the future in a better and a convenient way in our everyday lifestyle. I hope and wish the success of their goals and vision for the future.


It is an excellent IoT Training to get to know about the overview of IOT eco system with good hands-on. The iot training course is designed in a very nice way so that we can follow easily. With this, we can take it forward and learn according to our interest. Mr. Hitesh & Umesh are good professionals and they have good patience to sit with you and help you to complete the hands-on.
Systematically provided IoT Training documentations.
All the best to Hiotron.

Satish Prasad

I have completed End-to-End 60 Hours Classroom IOT Training Pune and i am strongly satisfied with it. Trainer was very interactive to solve queries, Appreciate the efforts of the trainer to deliver the entire module and manage the learning requirements of all the trainees.

Hiotron is doing great, it is one of the best iot training provider.
Keep up the great work.


To get into IoT this iot training is indeed required. This training is like a gateway to IoT, start with this and you will sail through. They are very cooperative and always answered the questions asked with patience and with their expertise. Wish hIOTron team good luck.

Dr. Vasant Khisty Director

I was a non IT professional, but after the iot training I got a feel of Internet of Things. Trainer had the patience to teach me the basics and take me along with the other team members who were well trained in electronics. I will recommend this iot training program highly as it gives theory and hands on practicals at a very very competitive prices.

It was great learning experience of IoT with hIOTron for getting right perspective of Internet of things. It will foster your understanding about entire eco-system and will help you to get ninja perspective. One thing i would recommend is ” hIOTron is very passionate about others learning”

Kaustubh Nilegaonkar, Associate Consultant I TCS

IoT Training was good. We got insights on what IOT is. The hands-on IoT Training sessions helped us to understand it from practical aspects as well. Trainer has deep knowledge in IOT and related technologies. They made me understand in the user-friendly language the electronics concepts as I am not that well-versed with it.

From last few months I have been searching regarding IoT on Internet but was unable to find any practical details. At hIOTron, I got all guidance in context to implement different IoT practical scenarios practically. hIOTron is really having deep knowledge as well as attitude to impart the same to others, and always ready to satisfy queries. I am really satisfied with this IoT Training program.

Wonderful exposure to IOT!!! Training covered every basic and advanced topic with inputs on how IOT works in real time in the field. For a IOT newbie like me, a fantastic learning experience. Enjoyed the training!!!

Vekatakrishnan Srinivasan, Independent Blogger

IoT Training Schedules & Fee

iot training

Classroom Batches

 Weekend Offline Batch: 18th may [SAT,SUN] 11AM-5PM]
 Weekday Offline Batch: 06th may [Mon-Fri] 8AM-11AM]
Weekend Offline Batch: 18th may [SAT,SUN)11AM-5PM] 
 Weekend Offline Batch: 25th may [SAT,SUN)11AM-5PM]
Weekend Offline Batch: 25th may [SAT,SUN)11AM-5PM]
iot training

Online Batches

 Weekend Online Batch: 18th may [SAT,SUN] 11AM – 5PM]
 Weekday Online Batch: 06th may [Mon-Fri] 8PM – 11PM]
Weekend Online Batch:18th may[Sat,Sun5.30AM-11.30AM]
Weekday Online Batch: 6th may[Mon-Fri 2.30PM-5.30PM]
Weekend Online Batch:18th may [SAT,SUN1.30PM-7.30PM]
Weekday Online Batch: 6th may[Mon,Fri10.30PM-1.30AM]
Weekend Online Batch:18th may [SAT,SUN9.30AM-3.30PM]
Weekday Online Batch: 6th may [Mon-Fri6.30PM-9.30PM]



hIOTron End-to-End Classroom & Online mode of IoT Training is designed to make you top IoT developer for Industries.

Top 8 Reasons to choose hIOTron IoT Training

Training DetailsTraining Institute-ATraining Institute-BTraining Institute-ChIOTron® (An IoT Solution Enabler)
Training ModeOnlineClassroomOnlineBoth (Classroom as well as Online)
Hardware KitCustom hence no learning scope in futureAdvance kit (Major components includes Arduino Mega, RPI-3, Sensors, Actuators & other accessories)Basic Kit (Major components includes Arduino-UNO, Node-MCU, Sensors, Actuators & other accessories)Advance kit (Major components includes Arduino-Uno, Node-MCU, RPI-3, Zig-Bee & BLE modules with breakout, 10+ Sensors, Actuators & other accessories)
Theory + Hands-on Practical’sBasic (Support Online)Intermediate (Task based)Basic (Support Online)End-to-End (Industrial Project Based)
Industrial Use casesTheoretical DemonstrationPractical up-to certain levelTheoretical & Practical Demonstration5+ Live Industrial use cases with hands on practical’s
Trainers Background12+ Years’ experience in training other courses & IoT5+ Years’ experience in training other courses & IoT10+ Years’ experience in training other courses & IoT8+ Years’ experience in training & developing only & only IoT products
ReviewsOnly on website no backlink of reviewerOn google but reviewer only students no industrial professionalsOnly on website no backlink of reviewerOn Websites & Google both with their backlink of LinkedIn profile
CostHighLowVery HighModerate