IOT Training and Certification

Top 5 Reasons to do IoT Certification Course

In the fast changing world, everything what we see around us is getting smarter. And, the only way to make anything smart by making it IOT enabled. The future belongs to smart products which will make life easy by adding internet connectivity to almost every product. We now can see many things around us in our daily life at home, offices and TV Commercials such as Livpure, Smart Cars by leading brands (BMW, Volkswagen, TATA), LLOYD Smart AC and list goes on and on. The point here by learning Internet-of-Things one will add value to their profile. Below there is a list of reason why you should learn IOT which will impact on everyone’s life whether we like it or not.

Here are Top 5 reasons to learn IOT:

  1. Opening New Career Opportunities
  2. You can be flexible and play many different roles in the team.
  3. A multi-disciplinary field and basket of job opportunities
  4. Businesses are investing huge in IOT
  5. The Mobile Era

Certainly IOT has got a lot more scope for the Students and Professionals in terms making right career moves and even to explore new opportunities even if you starting up new business. It’s only possible because of an Internet which fills the gap between the physical location, geography and even the status at economic level. The latest innovations will become an norm by 2020, and experts of technologies estimated more than 50 billion devices will be connected to internet.

Opportunities for IOT Trained Professionals

The Ever Increasing Demand for Skilled Professionals

In near future, we will see more and more products and services will be using Internet-of-Things. All the top companies like Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Hitachi, PTC are investing huge funds and efforts on Internet-of-Things to bring in precision. This IOT Sector is disrupting the way we live, work and also collaborates for almost any task that needs human effort. This will be reduced with the help of data and Apps. This ultimately led to high demands of IOT trained professionals. There are several parallel opportunity that IOT generates in the form of Data Analytics, Security, Machine Leaning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and so on.

The professionals who have Professional IOT Training and Certification will get competitive advantage. In order to create early adopters, hIOTron has built India’s most extensive and comprehensive IOT Training Course. This 60 Hour’s will cover all aspect of IOT so participants will be able to build End-to-End IOT Solution with live use cases. This training is conducted by highly skilled professional who work on real IOT Projects in their everyday Work. Check out IOT Training Course and Certification

Top 8 Benefit of hIOTron End-To-End IoT Training

  1. Learn step by step Internet of Things by hIOTron’s core IoT product development experts, not just trainers.
  2. Well systematically organised core technical IoT course content in competitive market price.
  3. Industrial level practical approach, major focus on valuable & key points learning with hands-on experience rather than just creating IoT a hype theoretically.
  4. Various Live industrial IoT case studies on industrial IoT cloud platforms such as AWS, IBM Watson Blue-mix, Azure, Xively, hIOTron, Thing-Worx and many more.
  5. Get minimum 6 month’s jump start in IoT domain or if already started then move towards your first IoT product development with support of hIOTron’s R&D team.
  6. Free IoT Development kit worth of INR8000, get hIOTron’s globally recognized IoT certification.
  7. Be a part of hIOTron growing 21000+ IoT developer’s innovators, enthusiasts and maker’s community.
  8. 100% job assistance Or an Opportunity to work with hIOTron, its IoT partners or clients.