The hIOTron® Smart Hotel Management System works with both retrofit and new construction hotels to transform the guest experience and enhance hotel operational efficiency, creating a win for the property manager and a very special stay for the travelers.

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No Checkin, No Checkout

With help of Hi-Lock you don’t need to hand-over any Physical key, share automated virtual keys to your guests access.

Room Occupency

Upon check-in, the PMS system triggers an “Occupied” room state.

Easy Control

Control the room appliances such as Fan/AC, T.V, Light Curtain, Geezers etc from one touch app


Monitor Live sensors data or set alarms/Notifications for any abnormal conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Guests are away from their rooms more than 50% of the time, frequently leaving utilities running in their absence.
Sensors detect guest occupancy and turn off lights.

Centralized Control

Centralized room status monitoring and override control

Guest Service App

Add value to your business by letting your customers interact with your services directly via their mobile App. For example, they can order items, or even make payments instantly by themselves. The more autonomy guests have, the better the experience they receive.

Customization Service

No business is the same in terms of operations. If you want a smart hotel Management System solution that perfectly fits your business, we can make it for you. With our customization service, you can have your own hotel Management System customized exactly the way you want it to work.

Planning to deliver extraordinary experience to your guests as a hotelier or looking for incredible opportunities for yourself

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Industry Testimonials

“It is clear that the power and capability of the hIOTron IoT platform & suite of application solutions is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest scale enterprise systems in commercial and government applications. hIOTron is a technological tour de force.”

Waleed Swati, Project Manager, CubeXS Weatherly (Pvt) Ltd.
“hIOTron has demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly design, provision, and deploy scalable & enterprise IoT solution with edge analytics and machine learning capability into highly-functional and beneficial enterprise applications.”
Mr. Umesh Raghav, Managing Director , ATPN (Mumbai)

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